F-GRIP adhesive clamping: new way of thinking about clamping demanding parts


Advanced ceramic

Precision machining centers

Additive manufacturing

Do you have limitations to clamp effectively your current parts? You cannot find the right clamping solution to make new demanding parts cost-competitive?

Describe through the evaluation form your current clamping system and our team will contact you to evaluate if F-GRIP adhesive solution can fit your demand. We are highly motivated to help to improve your company´s current clamping processes or to implement a new competitive solution for future demanding parts!


Tailor-made services to customer requirements. In addition to the supply of adhesive, we also offer personalized assistance for complex clamping operations and the design and manufacture of custom-made work holding systems.

  • Personalized study of parts and clamping problematics
  • Preliminary adhesion tests
  • Adhesive supply in 200x200mm thin foil format
  • Design and manufacturing of a custom-made workholding fixture for adhesive application
  • Parts gluing and delivery facilities ready to be machined.


What does F-GRIP adhesive contribute to?

Clamping effectiveness:

FeaturesMarket needsMechanical clampingVacuumMagnetic ClampingAdhesive / Wax HoldingF-Grip Adhesive solution
TypeAll kind of materials (metals, ceramics, plastics, foams)
Clamping surfacesAll kind geometries and sizes
Clamping forceHigh, > 700 N/cm2
Cutting tool accessibility to the partMaximum accessibility
Nº of clamping operationsMinimum
Clamping preparationOutside CNC
Supply need during clampingNo
Damage/deformation on the clampingNo
Chatter vibrationsMinimum
Clamping affects machining precisionNo
Residues generatedMinimum

About us

Fresmak is the world’s leading manufacturer of high pressure vices.

Our long history, more than 55 years, supports us as a specialized company in the field of clamping systems and technologies. With this backing, and with innovation as our attitude, we continue to advance and take clamping to the next level, having designed and developed the most powerful adhesive clamping system on the market: F-GRIP.

As proof of the high quality of this fastening solution, we were the winners of the Quality Innovation Awards in the SME category in the Basque Country.

It is clear to us that technology must not stop growing. And we will always be driving that growth.


Strong clamping for machining metallic parts

Materials: AI7075, Titanium
· Roughing, milling and grinding.
· Inclined walls.
· Curved surfaces.
· Total adhesive surface needed = 40cm2 (8 adhesives of Ø 25mm).

· Part finished using only one set up.
· No chatter observed.
· 0,015mm precision.

Non deformable clamping for soft parts

Materials: Ultra low density technical foam, honey comb
· Deformable material.
· Small camping area.
· Complex geometry.

· Part obtained with very precise tolerances, which indicates that the part was not deformed on the clamping.
· Small gluing surface provides a strong clamping.

Good machining quality of hard and fragile ceramic parts

Materials: Macor, Quartz
· Fragile material difficult to clamp.
· Poor flatness.

· No breakage during clamping.
· No chipping observed.
· Drilling possible.
· Easy and clean removal of the adhesives.

Machining of multiple small parts in one operation

Materials: Composites, Termoplastics, Ceramics
· Deformable material.
· Poor flatness plates.
· Small clamping areas.
· Significant machining stress due to tool wear.

· Strong adhesión on small surfaces.
· Obtention of complete small parts from one plate in one operation.


Revolutionizing the machining process

The adhesive foil can be cut into pieces of desirable shapes and used as individual adhesive placed on strategic points of the part. It can also be used covering completely the part. The foil is machinable so many pieces can be obtained from one plate in one operation.


Depends on the size and machining stresses. Contact us for specific information.

The adhesive is solid at room temperature. Applying 100-150ºC temperature and a slight pressure is needed to ensure perfect contact with the part. A strong adhesion bond is created when cooling down to ambient temperature (20-30ºC).

No, it is solvent free

Heating up (80-100ºC)

The adhesive is removed easily by hand without leaving residues on the part.

Contact us, we are looking forward to hearing your project.

Contact us, we are looking forward to hearing your project.

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