Success of the F-GRIP project at the BIEMH 2018


F-GRIP project at the BIEMH 2018


During the last week of May, Fresmak participated to the famous Bilbao Biennial fair BIEMH 2018.

In the booth, a dedicated space for the F-GRIP could draw the attention of the visitors, thanks to a catchy headline, an explicative video projected on a screen above the podium and representative parts machined with the F-GRIP clamping solution.

On top of that, a transparent glass plate had been prepared, clamped onto a TGRIP tool, enabling to see how the adhesive discs actuate.

Last but not least, Fresmak included the F-GRIP amongst its other product lines in a demonstration of an automated production line which caused a sensation amongst the numerous visitors of the fair.


First intrigued, the visitors were then impressed by the innovative technology. Machining companies, but also universities and R&D centers showed a strong interest in following the project until the product launch and some of them have already asked for a first analysis about a possible application to their products.