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FRESMAK was born with a patent and for the past 50 years realized more than 20 other ones. Since the beginning, the motto has been: “Innovation is not an option, it’s an attitude”.


Furthermore, FRESMAK has collaborated historically and punctually with various organisms of the Basque Network of Science and Technologies, the Basque Polytechnic University and Training centers, as a support to all its innovation activities.


In 2004, the company created its own R&D unit with a department composed of 3 persons dedicated to the development of new innovative products, as well as the improvement of current ones. This step implied an important change of the company mindset and in its budget, taking into account its dimension. In terms of people, the company dedicates more than 10% of its capacity to R&D with an investment of 8.3% of the whole turnover.

Innovation is not an option,
it’s an attitude”