First FGRIP trial succesfully achieved, reducing the number of part set-ups

In July 2019, Fresmak performed the 1st demonstration of F-GRIP performance in industrial conditions in Echeverria Company, Hendaye, France.

For this first demonstration of effectiveness, the chosen workpiece was an aluminum alloy part designed for the aircraft cabin interior. An F-GRIP fixture had been designed considering the part shape and machining forces to ensure the clamping of the workpiece all along the process.

During the test campaign performed in Echeverria facilities, a whole batch could be machined without issue, vibration nor movement of the parts, as proven by the metrological control performed afterwards.

Thanks to the F-GRIP, the set-up number could be reduced from 5 to 2, therefore improving the efficiency and the quality of parts by reducing the number of references.

The success of the test could be agreed by both parties.

For that, Fresmak gratefully acknowledges Echeverria Company for its support, dedication and its trust put in the F-GRIP during the whole development process.