F-GRIP clamps a Titanium part for aerospace industry

For its 4th demonstration of effectiveness, Fresmak has collaborated with MPB Aerospace (Valladolid, Spain) by designing an F-GRIP solution adapted to the machining of a Titanium block for the aerospace industry.

The F-GRIP fixture has been designed by Fresmak R&D department, in order to fit to the part and the machining conditions. As a result, 8 adhesive pills only were able to maintain the part and resist to the machining forces and vibrations of the Titanium material during more than 5 hours of process.

The machining tests have been performed at the CFAA* of Zamudio, Spain in presence of MPB and reproducing the machining conditions of the serial production.

All parts have been obtained with success, without part movement or vibration, complying with the expectations.

In this case, F-GRIP solution enables to obtain the part in 2 operations instead of 3, reducing the cycle time and permitting to minimize the dimensions of the initial raw material block.

Fresmak acknowledges MPB and the CFAA for the collaboration work that has been done during the project and the confidence shown during all the development of the F-GRIP.

*CFAA: Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center